Welcome to Absolute Worldie

Welcome to Absolute Worldie

Hi everyone,

We're thrilled to introduce you to Absolute Worldie, your next step to unparalleled sports performance. Founded by Will and Dave, two passionate 30-somethings from London, Absolute Worldie is not just another brand in the market; it’s a testament to what happens when dedication meets innovation (with a bit of fun thrown in for good measure).

Grip socks aren’t new, but not all are created equal. We’ve all been there – trying out grip socks that promised performance, only to leave us with blisters or an ill fit. Perhaps it was the slip inside a shoe during a crucial moment in a match or the discomfort of a thick sock in a tight-fitting boot. Will and Dave experienced these pitfalls too and decided the world needed better. They needed Absolute Worldie.

Why Grip Socks Matter

Grip socks are the unsung heroes of the sports apparel world. From football and rugby to running, Lacrosse, or gym classes and Tennis. Grip socks provide that essential traction between your foot and your shoe. Football has become the focus but this isn't the only sport that deserves a quality sock. Regardless of your activity, Absolute Worldie grip socks can preventing blisters but also ensures you remain steady, even during high-intensity moments. That extra grip can be the difference between scoring a goal, making that crucial sprint, or having the agility to dodge an opponent.

Why Absolute Worldie is the Ultimate Choice

At Absolute Worldie, we don’t just offer grip socks. We offer a commitment – a promise of quality, comfort, and unmatched grip. Our design ensures a snug fit without being overly thick, guaranteeing your feet remain comfortable, even when wet. Plus, the fit has been engineered so your foot is securely positioned within your footwear, enhancing speed, explosiveness, and dexterity. And, let's not forget style. With a name inspired by excellence in sports, coined by terms supported in Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary, wearing a pair of Absolute Worldie socks isn't just about performance; it's about making a statement.

Take The Step

If you’re serious about your game, whatever it may be, it’s time to step up. Give your feet the grip they deserve and elevate your performance with Absolute Worldie. Remember, as our slogan goes, "Success starts with the first step."

Stay gripped, stay stylish, and be a Worldie in every step you take! 

Make sure you take advantage of our Launch offer: 2 pairs for £30 including free shipping for UK residents.